Introducing Brokers

Join our partnership program and you’ll earn commission
on every trade made by clients you introduce to CMG.

Three steps to earn your trade commission


For your free IB account and get instant access to our online Partner Portal


Your clients to open an CMG trading account

Earn Commission

On every trade your clients make with CMG

Become an IB Partner

Benefits for your clients

  • Cutting-edge techpowerful trading tools and a world-class platform

  • Ultra-competitive spreads, fast and secure paymentsand low trading

  • Trusted, regulated and licensed broker with global customers

  • 24/5 local supportcovering everything from registration to placing

Benefits for you


With a variety packages, including tiered rebates, hybrid remuneration, profit sharing and retainers

Daily Payouts &
Instant Withdrawals

So you can access your money and withdraw rebates at any time


With presence globally

Advanced Tracking &
Detailed Statistics

On all your referred clients

Account Management

And business development support with a dedicated 24/5 customer support

Marketing Materials

Including banners, landing pages and lead generation forms

Your Partner Portal

When you become a CMG Introducing Broker, you get:

  • Advanced tracking, helping you view aggregate rebate account balances and historical balances.

  • View of your top customers, letting you identify and nurture star performers.

  • Key performance metrics, allowing you to build and maintain a successful commission-based referral business.

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