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Why trade index CFDs online with CMG?

Discover the unique features of trading index CFDs and gain exposure to some of the largest global market indices with CMG.

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Index CFDs

Access to major global indices, inc. US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia


Trade Index CFDs online with up to 30:1 leverage


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Most Popular Global Indices to Trade

See our bid and ask prices, including spreads, across all our top traded Index Cash CFDs and Index Futures CFDs.

Symbol Market Description Margin % 1 Lot Value per Pip Max Trade Size/Lots
AUS200 Australia 200 0.5% AUD 1 per 1.00 250
EU50 EU Stocks 50 0.5% EUR 1 per 1.00 250
HK50 Hong Kong 50 0.5% HKD 1 per 1.00 250
JPN225 Japan 225 0.5% JPY 100 per 1.00 250
UK100 UK 100 0.5% GBP 1 per 1.00 250
US30 US 30 0.5% USD 1 per 1.00 250
USTECH US Tech 100 0.5% USD 1 per 1.00 250
Symbol Market Description Margin % 1 Lot Value per Pip Max Trade Size/Lots
CHINA50 FTSE China A50 Futures CFD 3.0% USD 1 per 1.00 10
DAX40 DAX Futures CFD 0.5% EUR 25 per 1.00 10
DJ30 Dow E-mini Futures CFD 1.0% USD 5 per 1.00 10
HSI Hang Seng Futures CFD 1.0% HKD 50 per 1.00 10
S&P S&P 500 Emini Futures CFD 1.0% USD 50 per 1.00 10
NAS100 Nasdaq 100 E-mini Futures CFD 1.0% USD 20 per 1.00 10
VIX Volatility Index Futures CFD 5.0% USD 1 per 0.001 10

For a complete overview of the indices available and what time zone they are active in, check out the product schedule.

What is the difference between Index Cash CFDs & Index Futures CFDs?

Cash CFD Future CFD
Underlying Market Spot (FMV) Futures
Financing (Swap) x
Dividend Adjustment x
Rollover x
Contract Size $ per point Standard
Indicative Spread Tighter Standard
Trading Hours Longer Standard

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What’s an index?

An index is a way to track the performance of a specific group of assets – such as tech companies and other publicly traded companies – and their stock prices. Trading indices is generally considered safer than trading individual stocks since no single company can sharply influence the overall price of the index.

Trading index CFDs is a balanced way to trade the world’s top financial markets as it reduces the need to analyse the performance of an individual company’s stock. With CMG, you can invest in the most globally traded stock market indices including DOW, S&P, DAX30, FT100, EUSTOX 5